SHRI is a volunteer organization, providing free homeopathic medicine
and health education in the Indian Himalayas.

Our vision is to provide a healing space and a stimulating forum,
where the international homeopathic community can share inspired insight,
in the light of exacting clinical work.

“I personally endorse all his aims and objectives regarding this magnanimous work. Also, I find Dr. Spero Latchis a very honest and dedicated soul.”

Dr. Farokh Master

“I have known Spero Latchis since his student days in homeopathy, being one of his teachers, and can affirm his integrity, skill, passion and commitment. This project has a selfless, healing goal, and because it is headed by Spero, I know that it will live up to its mission. If you decide to sponsor the project, you will not be disappointed.”

Misha Norland, FS Hom

“Spero Latchis is an accomplished homoeopath and has a deep interest in furthering the cause of homoeopathy and the poorer section of our society. His enthusiasm and love for homoeopathy and for serving mankind is remarkable. My heart felt appeal to support this project led by Spero Latchis.”

Dr. Jayesh Shah