Today we walked 3 hours round trip through terraced farm fields to provide free, homeopathic medical care to a small encampment of migrant workers from Rajasthan. Currently, Rajasthan is on of the poorest states in India, so these workers and their families, come north in search of jobs. The only jobs available to them are in road construction. They are paid very little for their labor and live in tents made of various kinds of salvaged plastic bags and sticks from the jungle. The women haul water in buckets from a spigot across the road. When they have enough money for food, they cook it over an open fire. Some people put plastic down to create a floor in their tent but most people live and sleep in the dirt. They are constantly being evicted from the plots of land that they settle upon and so they are constantly on the move. Therefore, their children can not attend school and what few social services are available are not extended to them. In India, the stronger family members are expected to care for the struggling ones but these people are far from their families in Rajasthan, who surely don’t have, much to offer anyway.

We set up our clinic in an unoccupied tent. The men were all off to work so we treated the women and children. The patients that we saw were all malnourished. The lean children complained of pain shooting up and down their legs. We could see how their bones, especially the joints, were malformed. The mothers, with puffy children, complained that their children were constantly eating charcoal from the fires and dirt from the ground. These children are, without realizing it, simply trying to supplement their diet. They are in search of the minerals that their bodies crave. Spero gave low potencies of either Calcium Silicata, Calcarea Phosphoricum, Calcarea Carbonicum, Phosphorus or Silica, depending upon what each individual required. One woman asked if we had any medicine to help her husband stop drinking. He does not eat. The only liquids that he ingests are alcoholic. He is no longer able to function. Spero gave Nux Vomica in hopes of stimulating his appetite and reviving his life force.

We had hoped to return once a month to provide follow ups and continued care but, when talking with them today, we discovered that these people must leave this spot in 10 days and so have decided to go to Manali.