“One should do nothing other than what is directly or indirectly of benefit to living beings.”

8th Century Indian Buddhist Saint


Dioxin Dragon of Bir

Written on June 30, 2016, by

A school boy once told me, “Every Tibetan has seen a dragon at least once in their life.” For the Tibetans the proof of the existence of dragons is that we can hear their sound. Whenever there is thunder, like the type that is happening right now outside my window, the dragons are roaring. There  Continue Reading »

Our Volunteers Save Lives! by Spero

Written on March 19, 2014, by

In 2011, a homeopath named Rebecca Williams joined us, as a volunteer, on one of our regular mobile treatment camp excursions into the Barot Valley. Born in New Zealand, Rebecca has spent most of her adult years living a spiritual life near Kullu, India. As a homeopath, and a fluent Hindi speaker, we were excited  Continue Reading »

Our Budding New Organic Farm by Spero

Written on March 19, 2014, by

The monsoon rains, in this part of the world, are long and intense. Rarely, if ever, do we see the full sun during this three month period of “summer”, where the average seasonal rainfall is about three meters. Last July, I did a 10 day, solitary meditation retreat. Such periods of quiet reflection are perhaps  Continue Reading »

Why I Study with Farokh Master by Spero

Written on December 12, 2013, by

Often, old homeopathic friends ask me why I am now studying with Farokh Master. They know that I have studied extensively and taught the Sensation Method for almost 10 years. In this article, I will attempt to answer this question. In 2008, I moved to India, and in 2010 opened my free clinic in the  Continue Reading »

Help SHRI Upward, Over the Mountain by Spero

Written on June 10, 2011, by

The Trek: SHRI’s headquarters and Homeo Clinic are located in Bir, a small village on the edge of the Kangra and Mandi districts of Himachal Pradesh, India. Considered part of the Kangra Valley, Bir is about 2.5 hours southeast of Dharamshala, 30 minutes east of Bajnath, and is home to a substantial Tibetan refugee colony,  Continue Reading »

Sunday Notes by Spero

Written on May 13, 2011, by

Next weekend we are planning another trip up the mountain. Its actually up the “hill”, albeit a large one. I’ve found a breathtaking trail that goes up over 1,000 meters vertical. ITs quiet steep, and passes a spectacular 75 ft waterfall. There is one village about 1/4 of the way up where we have made  Continue Reading »

Rajasthani Treatment Camp by Spero

Written on May 7, 2011, by

Yesterday our small team travelled by bus for our monthly visit to a local migrant worker camp. There were no critical emergencies this time. (During the last visit a little girl was brought to me with a severe case of poisoning from local berries.) She was screaming and terrified. I gave a quick dose of  Continue Reading »