Most of us are very busy and would like to read case accounts that are simple and direct. We would like to hear about cases where the patient presented with a clear cut pathology and was correspondingly given a clear cut remedy. We also expect the process of cure to be simple and fast. Unfortunately, in today’s world, this is not the norm.

Although it is often true in acute cases, most patients curing from chronic disease require time, much patience, and a number of different remedies. There are normally periods of improvement, followed by some relapses. After one or two years, or even longer, we can say that the patient is symptom free and cured. If we follow the case for five years, we can say this with great assurance. Unfortunately, we rarely see our cured patients after five years.

Therefore, when presenting accounts of cured cases, please understand that, in my opinion, the process of case management is equally, if not more, important than the choice of remedy. The only way to really understand the process of cure is to follow the various twists and turns of symptom pictures, remedy selections, and reactions of the patients.

In the following cured cases, I will first give a very simple synopsis of the patient’s problem and the remedies used to bring about a cure. This is done for those readers who are not professional homeopaths. The simple synopsis will then be followed by a more detailed account of how the case progressed, for those who would like to know more about my process of case management.

Polycystic Disease

Case Synopsis

YD is a 25 year old Tibetan woman who escaped from the Chinese’ religious persecution and occupation of her native land. Traveling for two weeks, over high snow mountains, YD eluded the Chinese troops, and arrived safely in India.

She came to the clinic complaining of pain from large abdominal tumors. Her mother had died of this same disease at age 30. YD had surgery the year before to remove multiple cysts attached to her kidney. Now there were new tumors in the abdomen. After homeopathic treatment the tumors shrunk and have not returned during the last two years. No further surgery has been necessary.

Case Details

Name: YD
Age: 25
Date: 5/27/11

Chief Complaint: Burning pain in abdomen, poor digestion

Diagnosis: congenital multiple abdominal cystic tumors. Exact diagnosis is not known.

Patient Report: Two years ago she had surgery to remove large abdominal cysts on the exterior of the right kidney. She reported that her mother died of abdominal swelling at age 30. In addition she had a cholecystectomy due to multiple stones. Patient now has a large palpable swelling mass in right hypochondrium. She has burning pain which extends around the right side to the back. She also has a pain in her lower abdomen (pelvic area), accompanied with a white discharge.

She is generally very aggravated by the sun. She loves potatoes, and pork aggravates her digestive system a great deal. Her face is slightly puffy and swollen, especially her lower lip. It is also cracked in the center. She is very sad, closed, very childish, and not in touch with her feelings. There is a pervasive dullness about her. She looks like someone who has not had enough sleep for a long time, although this is not the case. She has had much trauma, and is not able to talk easily. Most questions are answered with a blank stare, a blush, or an I don’t know. She is not hiding anything, she is just timid, dull, and not able to express herself easily.

She lost her parents at an early age and became orphaned. She escaped from Tibet to India about five years ago, with only Tsampa (barley flour) and one set of clothing. It was a dangerous 10 day journey over very cold, high snow mountains. She narrowly escaped capture by the Chinese. She says that she does not feel really comfortable in India but could not stay in Tibet any longer either.

She is very afraid of being alone and of the dark. She dreams of falling. She often feels all alone, and cries. She feels that no one is there for her. She feels helpless. She has a strong fear of ghosts. She is afraid that people, whom she used to know, will come back from the dead. She is very afraid of things she doesn’t know, such as new places, new languages, new people, etc.

When I first took this case, I was using the sensation method quite often and I was relying heavily on the mental section from the repertory. The analysis here represents a transition in my way of working in rural India.

My first impressions of the case were of natrum and carbon. Working in a foreign country (India), with different languages (Hindi, Tibetan, Nepali…), I must rely heavily on my observations of the patients emotional states and their bodily expressions. I rely less on my translator’s mediocre skill, less on exact vocabulary, and more on my emotional intelligence to solve cases.

Carbon seems present in the case because of the speechlessness, feeling caught in middle, and the falling sensation. Also the stupor, the dull look, and the sleepy feeling suggests a carbon remedy. There is a lack of reactivity. The fear of ghosts is also present in many carbon remedies.

The Natrum element is suggested by the closed, quiet, introverted persona. The fear of being alone, the sadness, the helplessness, and the feeling to weep, are all common expressions of the natrum family. Her dependent nature, coupled with her inability to speak and react to her own feelings and to new situations suggested Natrum Carbonincum.

After repertorizing the case, natrum carb came up very strongly and it was given. I specifically selected mainly general rubrics and observational rubrics. In this case I purposefully did not take many mental symptoms, as I as looking to see what came up from the generals and observational signs.

The following rubrics were chosen in the case.
Generalities; FOOD AND DRINKS; POTATOES; Desires
Generalities; FOOD AND DRINKS; SPICES, condiments, piquant, highly seasoned food; Desires Generalities; FOOD AND DRINKS; PORK; Agg.
Generalities; SUN; AGG.
Generalities; AFTERNOON, ONE PM. – SIX PM.; AGG.
Mind; FEAR; ALONE, being
Generalities; TUMORS, BENIGN; CYSTIC, steatocystoma, steatoma

REMEDY: Nat Carb 200c one dose, see after one week.

1st Visit: 5/27/11
200c nat carb 5cm 2x a day. 5cm is shorthand for the 5 cup method as used by Dr. Farokh Master. It is based on the 6th edition of the Organon and uses frequent repetitions of highly diluted c potencies.

Follow Up: 6/20/11
BP 105/65, mild hypotension. She is doing better, swelling in abdomen feels less. Complains of less pain, less frequency, better digestion. The abdominal mass is smaller after palpation. She is smiling now, more cheerful, less fearful. still quiet, but happier. Prescription: Continue Nat carb 200c, 5 cup dilution method , one teaspoon, 3x a day. Also advised to take remedy whenever burning pain comes.

Follow up: 12/6/11
Patient took the remedy in 5 cup dilution off and on for 6 months. She was not a regular visitor and we had to coax her and confront her to come to the clinic to get her medicine. I do not do this with all of my patients, but she has such a potentially serious pathology, and is unaware of the severity of it, so I made an extra effort to get her to take the medicine.

She is very much better. The abdominal mass is no longer evident from palpation. However there is some slight pain when pressed deeply. Otherwise there is very little pain, only on occasion. Patient is much happier, smiling, still quiet and reserved, but her appearance has completely changed.

Follow up: 5/8/12
Looks dramatically better, not sad, had some unrelated vaginal infection and took antibiotics!!! She has just finished them. Patient has not been to clinic to continue her medicine. She is much better, with no evidence of abdominal tumors, no pain, and a cheerful demeanor. Abdominal palpation feels normal. I advised the patient in very clear terms that her disease is not curable by allopathic medicine, and that homeopathy is her best hope to remain healthy and not follow the same fate as her mother. I waited one year to give this advice, but now felt there was no other option but to tell the truth. The next week her husband came to pick up a refill of the medicine for her.

Follow Up: 9/10/12
today gave nat carb again. 200c 5x 2x a day, patient returned with complaints of burning pain. BP: normal now – 120/80

She continues to do well. She is much more confident, less childish, and more extroverted. She is always smiling. She is now a “good patient” and comes to refill her prescription and have regular check ups. She seems to take homeopathy more seriously now. Occasionally she will have a minor pain in her abdomen, when she takes the remedy it always goes away.

Prognosis: It is difficult to know exactly what her future will bring. Even the allopathic specialists were unsure of the exact nature of her condition. We do know however that her mother died an early death, probably from the same condition.

During the last year, she left her very abusive older husband, lost some excess weight and moved to Europe. Everyone in the village was talking about how much she had changed, from a depressed timid girl, to a happy attractive young woman. I recently asked about her, and her relatives assure me that she is still doing well in Europe.

Chronic Migraines

Remedy Given:  Belladonna and Natrum Muriaticum

A 48 year old man complained of severe, debilitating, chronic headaches, occurring about 2 twice a week. The headaches began 25 years earlier, after having been administered the rabies vaccine, for a severe dog bite. His headaches were diagnosed as migraines. Within 6 weeks of taking homeopathy, his headaches completely vanished.

He is a quiet, humble, responsible man, who does not have many words. It is evident that he is not able to express himself quickly or easily. However, a refined sensitivity is apparent in his eyes and his speech. Because of the causal factor of the dog bite, I gave one dose of belladonna 200c. I selected Belladonna because it repertorized highly and is one of the best remedies for the rabies “miasm”. After one week, I prescribed Natrum Muriaticum 200c, in the 5 cup method. He took this remedy daily, for 3 weeks. After this, he was instructed to take the remedy only when he was having a headache. After 2 weeks of this, his headaches completely disappeared. This was over a year ago now. He has not had any recurrence of headaches.

Symptoms taken into rubrics:
Head; PAIN; CHRONIC (p, 69, 5-12) (69)
Head; PAIN; TEMPLES (l, 555, 303-2461) (555)
Head; PAIN; SIDES; One-sided (s, 256, 27-60) (256)
Head; PAIN; NOON; Agg. (t, 83, 8-9) (83)
Head; PAIN; SUN, exposure to; Agg. (m, 78, 3-5) (78)
Stool; FREQUENT (RECTUM; DIARRHEA)(p, 210, 11-33) (210)
Head; PAIN; PERIODICAL; Every; three or four days (INTERNAL; PERIODICALLY; Third or fourth day)(t, 4, 0) (4)
Generalities; FOOD AND DRINKS; SOUR, acid; Desires (p, 142, 17-75)(142)
Stomach; NAUSEA; HEADACHE, during (m, 244, 1-1) (244)
Mind; FEAR; HIGH places (p, 40, 3-4) (40)
Mind; RESERVED (CAUTIOUS)(p, 126, 18-31) (126)
Urine; YELLOW (CASTS, CONTAINING; YELLOWISH)(p, 141, 11-197) (141)
Head; PAIN; CHILL; During (m, 110, 2-10) (110)
Head; PAIN; TOUCH; Agg.; hair, of (BINDING; Hair up; agg.)(m,59,0)(59)
Head; PAIN; TOUCH; Agg. (m, 137, 4-63) (137)
Mind; RESPONSIBILITY; STRONG, or too (p, 46, 5-16) (46)
Mind; ANSWER, ANSWERING, ANSWERS; SAYS nothing, indifferent, does not answer (AUTISM, MUTINISM)(p, 16, 0) (16)

Poisoning Case

Remedy Given:  Ipecacuanha 200c & Arsenicum Album 200c, one dose each

During a mobile treatment camp in 2010, a desperate father brought a young, baby girl of about 18 months. The father held the child, who was screaming and writhing in pain. He said, “berries from tree”. I immediately gave one dose Ipechachuana 200c. Within five seconds, the child vomited. She then relaxed into a peaceful state in her father’s arms. After five minutes, I gave a dose of Arsenicum Album 200c. The child was fine. She was checked an hour later and was resting with no complaints. Eyes shining with deep gratitude, the father said, “your medicine calm her”.

Acute Gallstone Colic

Remedy Given:  Colocynthis 200c, one dose

September 15, 2013
A female patient , age 46, came to the clinic complaining of severe, acute abdominal pains. Laboratory reports indicated multiple gallstones, all under 12mm in size. She has no money for an operation to remove the gall bladder. She complained of pain in the right inguinal region extending to her back. The pains were severe, electric like and ameliorated from drinking room temperature (cold) water. She also described the pains as twisting.

I first gave Dioscorea. This provided about 20 % amelioration after 15 minutes. During that time, I repertorized more carefully and then prescribed Colocynthis 200c. The relief was immediate and remarkable. Within five minutes she was smiling and pain free. I kept her in the clinic for one half hour, for continued observation. Afterwards, she was sent home with instructions to call if the pain returned. So far, the excruciating pain has not returned. She is now receiving constitutional homeopathic care, and is being monitored carefully while I attempt to dissolve the stones homeopathically. I must achieve this before the stones become too large, at which point an operation will be her only safe option.

Symptoms taken into rubrics:
Abdomen; FULLNESS (STOMACH; FULLNESS)(p, 282, 101-460)(282)
Abdomen; PAIN; EXTENDING; Back, to (e, 101, 16-70) (101)
Abdomen; LIVER AND REGION OF; GALLBLADDER and bile ducts (l,138,1-1)(138)
Generalities; FOOD AND DRINKS; COLD; Drinks, water; amel. (m,145,0)(145)
Generalities; FOOD AND DRINKS; WATER; Amel. (m, 9, 0) (9)
Abdomen; PAIN; INGUINAL region; Extending to; back (e, 10, 2-5)(10)
Generalities; PAIN; ELECTRIC, like (p, 57, 1-1) (57)
Generalities; PAIN; WANDERING (p, 297, 14-142) (297)
Abdomen; LIVER AND REGION OF (ENLARGED; LIVER)(l,558,19-262) (558)
Extremities; TREMBLING; LEGS (l, 68, 25-39) (68)
Abdomen; PAIN; ELECTRIC, like (p, 9, 5-6) (9)
Stomach; THIRST; PAINS; With (m, 29, 5-24) (29)
Abdomen; PAIN; TWISTING (p, 97, 52-125) (97)

Skin Tuberculosis

Remedy Given: Sulphur

April 20, 2010
P.D., my first patient in rural, northern India, is a tall, elderly Tibetan man with a warm and generous spirit. In April of 2010, just a few months after I had settled in Bir, a small Tibetan Refugee Colony in the foothills of the Himalayas, a friend of mine brought P.D. to see me. My friend had found him living in a filthy, collapsing hovel, filled with discarded garments and blankets. She had also noticed large open sores on his left forearm, as well as extensive scarring on the same arm.

The first step was to visit the local health clinic and examine his medical records. I had never seen such large, open sores that had evidently persisted for so many years. The Tibetan pharmacist, posing as a doctor, informed me that it was a case of Tuberculosis of the skin. As a non-MD Homeopath practicing in America, I had treated a couple of inactive TB patients but never one with the active disease and never one with TB of the skin. When asked about his medications, the “doctor” informed me that the TB was “cured” and that P.D. was also taking medication for rheumatoid arthritis. Upon checking the arthritis medication, I discovered that it prevented granulation of skin tissue and was therefore contraindicated in this type of large open skin lesion.

I had come to this rugged area to establish a charitable clinic and to further my study and practice of Tibetan Buddhism. I had anticipated many obstacles and challenges but this, my first case, seemed as insurmountable as the steep, snow covered mountains outside my door. In America, I would have referred P.D. to a qualified dermatologist and probably not considered homeopathic treatment for him. Here, the nearest qualified skin specialist is a prohibitively expensive, seven hour taxi ride away. P.D. was clearly not doing well on his current allopathic medications. I decided that I should do what I could to help.


-My friend had raised some money to renovate P.D.’s filthy, dilapidated hovel. After tearing down walls, fixing plumbing problems, spreading fresh concrete, painting the walls, and cleaning thoroughly, P.D. had a lovely new home.
-When the work was completed, P.D. chose to rent out his nice new home and continued to live in the falling down structure that he had moved into for the duration of the renovations.
-P.D. collects bottles and cans for redemption

(lasted 3 minutes with a very poor translator)
D. Tell me about yourself. What is important about you?
P. I never had the opportunity to get an education. But, that’s ok. I don’t really care so much about it.
*As he spoke about his lack of education his hand gesture made a falling motion. He repeated this hand gesture. It was clear to me that P.D.’s spontaneous denial of the importance of his lack of education was very significant. I prescribed one dose, 200C, of remedy X and left on a two month trip to America the following week. He continued taking all of his allopathic medications.

FOLLOW UP 6/28/10
When I returned from America in June, P.D. greeted me on the street with a huge, radiant smile. He insisted upon buying me a cup of chai. As we sat sipping chai, he showed me his sore, which was almost completely healed over. I later learned that he had stopped collecting bottles and cans for redemption and had moved into his renovated apartment.
According to my western homeopathic training, this was highly improbable. I don’t doubt the power of homeopathy but I try to be “realistic”. I had thought that TB of the skin would be nearly impossible to treat, even with the best remedy, and that, due to the high doses of the contraindicated immunosuppressant medication, the sores might never heal. I had simply hoped that maybe, after six months, something would begin to move. Clearly, it was time for a radical paradigm shift!

The patient was given Sulphur. The facts that he chose to stay in the run down, old apartment combined with his habit of collecting rags, bottles and cans made me think of Sulphur. The one statement that the patient made was of not caring about his education. This shows indifference about his underlying inability to gain knowledge and to thereby become recognized in his community. I took the hand gesture as a symbol of energy going down, of giving up and sinking. This seemed to indicate a remedy on the right side of the periodic table. That was all there was.

P.D. is now off most of his allopathic drugs, except for his blood pressure medication. He experiences a lot of ups and downs with his rheumatoid arthritis but, considering it is mid winter right now, he is doing well. He walks around town, talking to, smiling at and having chai with everyone. This is a man who is truly loved and recognized in his community. He is old and I worry about his longevity but the remedy has given him energy and, in a very Sulphur kind of way, a new kind of hope.

Joint Tuberculosis

15 year old male was cutting lumber high in the forest. His mother came to our home. She asked me to follow her back to her house. Said that her son was very sick, couldn’t get out of bed. Found patient lying in bed with glazed expression, swollen face, and extreme pain in left hip with pronounced swelling in feet and toes. Fever of 101.3. Hip joint warm to touch. He has been in pain for 2 weeks and during the last few days it has become worse. No sore throat or recent history of sore throat. Has not been to doctor. Dry mouth with no thirst. Desires constant attention from his mother. Cries with pain when alone, yells for mother to help him. Case taken in 20 minutes.

Symptoms taken into rubrics:
General: lower limbs: hips.
General: lower limbs: hips: left.
General: lower limbs: hips: extending to: downward.

Gave the acute remedy Pulsatilla 200c in water, every 2 hours for 24 hours, based on the rubrics, the rheumatic fever, and the mental state.

Plan: follow up the next day.

2nd Day: fever gone, no swelling in feet, no swelling in face. Still dry mouth with no thirst. Eyes clearer. Less pain in legs.

Plan: continue Puls 200c in water every 3 hours for one more day.

3rd Day, morning: Pain in hip still strong. He wants to move every 10 minutes, but can’t move leg because of too much pain. Fever now returns at 99.5. Prescribed Bryonia 1m.

4th Day: had more time to repertorize the case. Prescribed China Sulph based upon the time periodicity and the location of the pain.

Symptoms taken into rubrics:
Fever, heat; EVENING; EIGHT pm.
Extremities; PAIN; RHEUMATIC; Hips
Extremities; PAIN; RHEUMATIC; Motion; agg.
Extremities; PAIN; RHEUMATIC; Evening
Extremities; PAIN; RHEUMATIC; Joints; large
Extremities; PAIN; PERIODIC
Generalities; PERIODICAL; HOUR, at same
Generalities; PERIODICAL; HOUR, at same; Neuralgia every day at same hour

5th Day, evening: Patient says he is 50 % better. Pus now coming in urine. Foot swollen again, better at night. pain less.

6th Day: still has tearing pain in joint, no fever now, pus still coming in urine.
Laughing aggravates, Has desire to travel here and there. This is what he feels like doing. Desires to be outside watching people. Prescription: Tuberculinum 200c dissolved in water, every 3 hours for one day. Based on the rubric “desire to wander”, and the probable diagnosis of tuberculosis of the hip.

7th Day: Doing better. He is walking slowly now. less pain, no fever, no swelling and joint is not hot to touch. No pus in urine.

Prescription: Tuberculinum 200c five cup dilution method (from Dr. Farokh Master’s method) three times a day for 7 days. Advised to go to local hospital and get tested for TB of the joint. After spending their last 1000rs on a taxi to the hospital, the hospital refused to administer the test and told the patient that he did not have TB. However, the doctors there gave him a course of TB medicine anyway, which is illegal. I advised the patient not to take the TB medicine as long as he continued to improve. He did not take any allopathic medicine, and continued to improve.

18th Day: Patient’s mother says that her son quickly recovered with the last medicine. He could not be located to give more medicine until 3 weeks later. His mother said he was 90 % better.

30th Day: Patient still has 5% pain. Told him to take the 200c Tuberculinum (5 cup dilution method) for another 2 weeks, 2 times a day, morning and evening. Also gave a second remedy, Calc Phos 30c, once a day for 10 days, to be taken at mid-day. Patient had lost a lot of weight, was malnourished, and I suspected possible mild necrosis of the hip joint.

40th Day: Patient’s mother says that he has returned to their remote mountain village. This involves climbing over a 5,000 meter snow pass. According to her (the village has one phone through which they communicate), he is doing well, with no pain. He is back lumbering in the mountains.

Three months later: patient still fully recovered.

Twelve months later: Patient had recently returned from the mountains, was fully well and fit, no pain or discomfort in climbing the mountains.

Eighteen months later (Jan 2013): No lingering problems of any kind.

Necrotizing Fasciitis

The patient had first come to a remote, mountain mobile clinic in the spring of 2011. At that time, we had a brief conversation. He complained of chronic insomnia. He said that without his sleeping pills he could not sleep at all. He said that he was addicted to these sleeping pills. He was very restless and clearly paranoid. I gave him one dose of Mercurius Solubilis 1m and advised him to come to my clinic for a full intake. He never came. Since that time, we have seen him on many mobile clinics. He has been helpful, providing us with chairs and even lunch. We even treated his mother, but he would never come for treatment. He eventually confessed that he never took the Mercurius Solubilis, because he was afraid of what it would do to him. He also said that the night was a terrible time for him. He hated it.

In November of 2011, we saw him at his village home. He told us that he was sick, that the hospital had discharged him, telling him to go home to die. They said he would be dead in a few days. However, he had been home for 10 days. He told us the following story:

One day, he suddenly felt a strong pain in his chest near his right shoulder. He went to a local “hospital” (which actually means a small shop where a man with no training what so ever or a minimally trained pharmacist dolls out medications) and received an injection of some sort. The next day, an ulcer opened in the area of the pain. By night fall, two ulcers had appeared in the area, each measuring about two inches in diameter. Also, that day, he developed a similar strong pain in the region of the liver. The following day, a deep, irregular ulcer opened in the liver region. Within two days, it had spread to the size of about 14 inches by 8 inches. He went to the nearest hospital, roughly 6 hours away, by bus, and stayed there for a few days. They told him that he had food poisoning and that he would die soon. They sent him home with one course of antibiotics to finish.

Upon examination, the 3 ulcers were very deep, raw, and blackish. The edges of the skin were jagged and irregular shaped. There was no report or paperwork from the hospital. My translator was not fluent in Hindi or the local dialect, and he did not have much strength to have his case taken. His mental state was somewhat flat. There was not much anxiety. He seemed resigned to die or not to die. His fate was not in his hands, but up to God. Specific symptoms were not easily obtained. The pain was no longer intense, but he was very tired. He mentioned that his penis was larger. This was strange.

From the previous visits, I had felt that he needed a syphilitic remedy. The night terror and the intensity of his demeanor suggested this miasm. I had previously thought that if he ever came for treatment I would consider this. With this acute disease, the syphilitic nature of his state seemed even more pronounced. He was not anxious or even very nervous, which would have suggested an acute remedy. Although the rapidity and intensity of his symptoms would suggest an acute remedy, his mental state suggested otherwise.

I took the rubric Enlargement, Penis of. Combined with an understanding of his miasmatic state, I prescribed Syphilinum 1m daily in water for 10 days.
At the time, I was not sure of the clinical diagnosis, but after doing some research, it became clear that this was a case of necrotizing fasciitis, or flesh eating bacteria disease. This explains the allopathic diagnosis of food poisoning. It was probably caused by the bacteria clostridium, which causes both food poisoning as well as necrotizing fasciitis.

Our team left the patient not knowing if we would ever see him again. His village is an 8 hour walk from my clinic, and I would not able to return any time soon. The snows would be coming in the next week or so, making both the walking trail and the dirt road, which provided access near by his village, impassible.

Four weeks later, we received a phone call from him, saying that he was doing better. His energy had increased and the ulcers were slowly healing. He said that the upper ulcers were discharging pus. I prescribed 10 days of Calc Sulph 30c, twice a day. The remedy was delivered to him by bus. The road to his village was still open (not closed by snow yet).

I tried calling him by phone all winter, but his phone was switched off. There was nothing to do. He was not accessible to me until the snows melted and the roads cleared.

In early March 2012, I met some people from his village. They said that he was alive and doing well. Three weeks later, on April 5th, our team returned to his village and did a follow up. His chest ulcers had completely healed. The large abdominal ulcer, over his liver region, was 1/2 it’s original size and being treated with a local herb. The healing was continuing. He complained of being weak and tired. He had not called the clinic because his family thought that Ayurvedic medicine was best for him, and not homeopathy. They reasoned that since we only gave 2 weeks of medicine that it couldn’t possibly have been the cause of his recovery. The local priest had said that the patient was being punished for eating meat and that he needed to become a strict vegan. Therefore, he had stopped eating all protein, except for some beans a few times a week. He was mostly eating bread for his meals. The patient’s family adamantly refused our suggestions that he at least eat eggs or some meat broth. The infection was gone. It was no longer spreading. The problem was that he was too weak and malnourished for the tissue to regenerate and heal. His normal diet had been meat, eggs, dairy as well as vegetables, rice, wheat and corn.

I did convince him to take more homeopathic remedies. I prescribed one dose Syphilinum 1m, to be followed in a few days by Calendula 30c, internally, once a day, for 3 weeks, to be followed by placebo for 2 months. The calendula prescription was based on the jagged ulcer and the need to promote tissue granulation. The wound was healing and only needed to heal faster. The patient was applying Ayurvedic herbs daily to keep the skin healthy, and secondary infection out.

On June 5th 2012, we met the patient and his ulcer was almost healed. He will not take any more homeopathic medicine, as a local healer told his father that it was bad medicine. He is healthy and stronger and seems his old self again.

On February 15, 2013, the abdominal ulcer is completely healed, how ever much scar tissue remains. He came alone (without his father) to the clinic in Bir to receive treatment. Silica 30c 5x, for one month, then re-check.

Tractor Accident

November 8, 2011
29 year old male
From: Upper village, China pass trail

Accident on tractor, crushed leg. No sensation in toes and lateral right leg. Blood sugar good. Can barely walk and falls easily. Numbness toes/ nerve damage. Not getting worse. Did not have neurology test. Patient says he has 2 screws in legs, no report or x-rays. Very nice man, sincere, large, overweight, flabby. Prescribed Arnica 200c, once a day, for 10 days.

Gave one dose dry 200c Calc Carb. Told to wait one week, then begin Calc Carb 200c 5x (5 cup dilution method), twice a day, for four weeks.

He was very changed. He had been to the gym and was looking very strong, healthy, less flabby and weak. He was walking short distances without his cane. His demeanor was very cheerful and happy. Continued on Calc Carb 200c 5x for another month.

Patient continues to look happy and remarkably healthy. He has been doing exercises at the gym to improve his strength. Still however there is numbness in the lateral side of the leg and an inability to walk for a long distance without a crutch. He said that the numbness started in the feet and then went up. Prescribed Conium 30c once a day, for 14 days.

He says the numbness is 65% gone. He is now able to walk up to his mountain village, one hour from his house. This is a steep, rocky, difficult, one hour climb for a fit person.

June 20, 2012
I continue to treat the patient with Conium 30c 5x. He continues to improve gradually. There is still numbness in the lateral leg, but it is much less. He is able to walk now with a slight limp, and continues in good health. The metal pins in his hip are scheduled to be removed at the end of 2012.

Jan 5, 2013
He is not improving much further, but to date the improvement is substantial due to his renewed ability to walk. Prescribed Calc Carb 30c again as a constitutional remedy, for 2 months, 5 cup method, twice a day. Will see him again in March, when he returns from out of area work.

May 10, 2013
He is not improving further, but can still walk up to his village high in mountains. Now, he is experiencing shooting pains in the foot and leg. Prescribed Hypericum 30c 5cup method, twice a day.