Remedy Given: Colocynthis 200c, one dose

September 15, 2013
A female patient , age 46, came to the clinic complaining of severe, acute abdominal pains. Laboratory reports indicated multiple gallstones, all under 12mm in size. She has no money for an operation to remove the gall bladder. She complained of pain in the right inguinal region extending to her back. The pains were severe, electric like and ameliorated from drinking room temperature (cold) water. She also described the pains as twisting.

I first gave Dioscorea. This provided about 20 % amelioration after 15 minutes. During that time, I repertorized more carefully and then prescribed Colocynthis 200c. The relief was immediate and remarkable. Within five minutes she was smiling and pain free. I kept her in the clinic for one half hour, for continued observation. Afterwards, she was sent home with instructions to call if the pain returned. So far, the excruciating pain has not returned. She is now receiving constitutional homeopathic care, and is being monitored carefully while I attempt to dissolve the stones homeopathically. I must achieve this before the stones become too large, at which point an operation will be her only safe option.

Symptoms taken into rubrics:

Abdomen; FULLNESS (STOMACH; FULLNESS)(p, 282, 101-460)(282)
Abdomen; PAIN; EXTENDING; Back, to (e, 101, 16-70) (101)
Abdomen; LIVER AND REGION OF; GALLBLADDER and bile ducts (l, 138, 1-1) (138)
Generalities; FOOD AND DRINKS; COLD; Drinks, water; amel. (m, 145, 0) (145)
Generalities; FOOD AND DRINKS; WATER; Amel. (m, 9, 0) (9)
Abdomen; PAIN; INGUINAL region; Extending to; back (e, 10, 2-5)(10)
Generalities; PAIN; ELECTRIC, like (p, 57, 1-1) (57)
Generalities; PAIN; WANDERING (p, 297, 14-142) (297)
Abdomen; LIVER AND REGION OF (ENLARGED; LIVER)(l, 558, 19-262) (558)
Extremities; TREMBLING; LEGS (l, 68, 25-39) (68)
Abdomen; PAIN; ELECTRIC, like (p, 9, 5-6) (9)
Stomach; THIRST; PAINS; With (m, 29, 5-24) (29)
Abdomen; PAIN; TWISTING (p, 97, 52-125) (97)