15 year old male was cutting lumber high in the forest. His mother came to our home. She asked me to follow her back to her house. Said that her son was very sick, couldn’t get out of bed. Found patient lying in bed with glazed expression, swollen face, and extreme pain in left hip with pronounced swelling in feet and toes. Fever of 101.3. Hip joint warm to touch. He has been in pain for 2 weeks and during the last few days it has become worse. No sore throat or recent history of sore throat. Has not been to doctor. Dry mouth with no thirst. Desires constant attention from his mother. Cries with pain when alone, yells for mother to help him. Case taken in 20 minutes.

Symptoms taken into rubrics:
General: lower limbs: hips.
General: lower limbs: hips: left.
General: lower limbs: hips: extending to: downward.

Gave the acute remedy Pulsatilla 200c in water, every 2 hours for 24 hours, based on the rubrics, the rheumatic fever, and the mental state.  Plan:  see next day.

2nd Day:  fever gone, no swelling in feet, no swelling in face. Still dry mouth with no thirst. Eyes clearer. Less pain in legs.  Plan:  continue puls 200c in water every 3 hours for one more day.

3rd Day, morning:  Pain in hip still strong. He wants to move every 10 minutes, but can’t move leg because of too much pain. Fever now returns at 99.5. Prescribed Bryonia 1m.

4th Day:  had more time to repertorize the case. Prescribed China Sulph based upon the time periodicity and the location of the pain.

Symptoms taken into rubrics:
Fever, heat; EVENING; EIGHT pm.
Extremities; PAIN; RHEUMATIC; Hips
Extremities; PAIN; RHEUMATIC; Motion; agg.
Extremities; PAIN; RHEUMATIC; Evening
Extremities; PAIN; RHEUMATIC; Joints; large
Extremities; PAIN; PERIODIC
Generalities; PERIODICAL; HOUR, at same
Generalities; PERIODICAL; HOUR, at same; Neuralgia every day at same hour

5th Day, evening:  Patient says he is 50 % better. Pus now coming in urine. Foot swollen again, better at night. pain less.

6th Day:  still has tearing pain in joint, no fever now, pus still coming in urine. Laughing aggravates, Has desire to travel here and there. This is what he feels like doing. Desires to be outside watching people. Prescription:  Tuberculinum 200c  dissolved in water, every 3 hours for one day. Based on the rubric “desire to wander”, and the probable diagnosis of tuberculosis of the hip.

7th Day:  Doing better. He is walking slowly now. less pain, no fever, no swelling and joint is not hot to touch. No pus in urine.

Prescription:  Tuberculinum 200c five cup dilution method (from Dr. Farokh Master’s method) three times a day for 7 days. Advised to go to local hospital and get tested for TB of the joint. After spending their last 1000rs on a taxi to the hospital, the hospital refused to administer the test and told the patient that he did not have TB. However, the doctors there gave him a course of TB medicine anyway, which is illegal. I advised the patient not to take the TB medicine as long as he continued to improve. He did not take any allopathic medicine, and continued to improve.

18th Day:  Patient’s mother says that her son quickly recovered with the last medicine. He could not be located to give more medicine until 3 weeks later. His mother said he was 90 % better.

30th Day:  Patient still has 5% pain. Told him to take the 200c Tuberculinum (5 cup dilution method) for another 2 weeks, 2 times a day, morning and evening. Also gave a second remedy, Calc Phos 30c, once a day for 10 days, to be taken at mid day. Patient had lost a lot of weight, was malnourished, and I suspected possible mild necrosis of the hip joint.

40th Day:  Patient’s mother says that he has returned to their remote mountain village. This involves climbing over a 5,000 meter snow pass. According to her (the village has one phone through which they communicate), he is doing well, with no pain. He is back lumbering in the mountains.

Three months later:  patient still fully recovered.

Twelve months later:  Patient had recently returned from the mountains, was fully well and fit, no pain or discomfort in climbing the mountains.

Eighteen months later (Jan 2013): No lingering problems of any kind.