The patient had first come to a remote, mountain mobile clinic in the spring of 2011. At that time, we had a brief conversation. He complained of chronic insomnia. He said that without his sleeping pills he could not sleep at all. He said that he was addicted to these sleeping pills. He was very restless and clearly paranoid. I gave him one dose of Mercurius Solubilis 1m and advised him to come to my clinic for full intake. He never came. Since that time, we have seen him on many mobile clinics. He has been helpful, providing us with chairs and even lunch. We even treated his mother, but he would never come for treatment. He eventually confessed that he never took the Mercurius Solubilis, because he was afraid of what it would do to him. He also said that the night was a terrible time for him. He hated it.

In November of 2011, we saw him at his village home. He told us that he was sick, that the hospital had discharged him, telling him to go home to die. They said he would be dead in a few days. However, he had been home for 10 days. He told us the following story:

One day, he suddenly felt a strong pain in his chest near his right shoulder. He went to a local “hospital” (which actually means a small shop where a minimally trained pharmacist dolls out medications) and received an injection of some sort. The next day, an ulcer opened in the area of the pain. By night fall, two ulcers had appeared in the area, each measuring about two inches in diameter. Also, that day, he developed a similar strong pain in the region of the liver. The following day, a deep, irregular ulcer opened in the liver region. Within two days, it had spread to the size of about 14 inches by 8 inches. He went to the nearest hospital, roughly 6 hours away, by bus, and stayed there for a few days. They told him that he had food poisoning and that he would die soon. They sent him home with one course of antibiotics to finish.

Upon examination, the 3 ulcers were very deep, raw, and blackish. The edges of the skin were jagged and irregular shaped. There was no report or paperwork from the hospital. My translator was not fluent in Hindi or the local dialect, and he did not have much strength to have his case taken. His mental state was somewhat flat. There was not much anxiety. He seemed resigned to die or not to die. His fate was not in his hands, but up to God. Specific symptoms were not easily obtained. The pain was no longer intense, but he was very tired. He mentioned that his penis was larger. This was strange.

From the previous visits, I had felt that he needed a syphilitic remedy. The night terror and the intensity of his demeanor suggested this miasm. I had previously thought that if he ever came for treatment I would consider this. With this acute disease, the syphilitic nature of his state seemed even more pronounced. He was not anxious or even very nervous, which would have suggested an acute remedy.  Although the rapidity and intensity of his symptoms would suggest an acute remedy, his mental state suggested otherwise.

I took the rubric Enlargement, Penis of. Combined with an understanding of his miasmatic state, I prescribed Syphilinum 1m daily in water for 10 days.

At the time, I was not sure of the clinical diagnosis, but after doing some research, it became clear that this was a case of necrotizing fasciitis, or flesh eating bacteria disease. This explains the allopathic diagnosis of food poisoning. It was probably caused by the bacteria clostridium, which causes both food poisoning as well as necrotizing fasciitis.

Our team left the patient not knowing if we would ever see him again. His village is an 8 hour walk from my clinic, and I would not able to return any time soon. The snows would be coming in the next week or so, making both the walking trail and the dirt road, which provided access near by his village, impassible.

Four weeks later, we received a phone call from him, saying that he was doing better. His energy had increased and the ulcers were slowly healing. He said that the upper ulcers were discharging pus. I prescribed 10 days of Calc Sulph 30c, twice a day. The remedy was delivered to him by bus. The road was still open (not closed by snow).

I tried calling him by phone all winter, but his phone was switched off. There was nothing to do. He was not accessible to me until the snows melted and the roads cleared.

In early March 2012, I met some people from his village. They said that he was alive and doing well. Three weeks later, on April 5th, our team returned to his village and did a follow up. His chest ulcers had completely healed. The large abdominal ulcer, over his liver region, was 1/2 the size and being treated with a local herb. The healing was continuing. He complained of being weak and tired. He had not called the clinic because his family thought that Ayurvedic medicine was best for him, and not homeopathy. They reasoned that since we only gave 2 weeks of medicine that it couldn’t possibly have been the cause of his recovery. The local priest had said that the patient was being punished for eating meat and that he needed to become a strict vegan. Therefore, he had stopped eating all protein, except for some beans a few times a week. He was mostly eating bread for his meals. The patient’s family adamantly refused our suggestions that he at least eat eggs or some meat broth. The infection was gone. It was no longer spreading. The problem was that he was too weak and malnourished for the tissue to regenerate and heal. His normal diet had been meat, eggs, dairy as well as vegetables, rice, wheat and corn.

I did convince him to take more homeopathic remedies. I prescribed one dose Syphilinum 1m, to be followed in a few days by Calendula 30c, internally, once a day, for 3 weeks, to be followed by placebo for 2 months. The calendula prescription was based on the jagged ulcer and the need to promote tissue granulation. The wound was healing and only needed to heal faster. The patient was also applying Ayurvedic herbs daily to keep the skin healthy, and secondary infection out.

On June 5th 2012, we met the patient and his ulcer was almost healed. He will not take any more homeopathic medicine, as a local healer told his father that it was bad medicine. He is healthy and stronger and seems his old self again.

On February 15, 2013, the abdominal ulcer is completely healed, how ever much scar tissue remains. He came alone (without his father) to the clinic in Bir to receive treatment. Silica 30c 5x, for one month, then check.