November 8, 2011
29 year old male
From: Upper village, China pass trail

Accident on tractor, crushed leg. No sensation in toes and lateral right leg. Blood sugar good. Can barely walk and falls easily. Numbness toes/ nerve damage. Not getting worse. Did not have neurology test. Patient says he has 2 screws in legs, no report or x-rays. Very nice man, sincere, large, overweight, flabby. Prescribed Arnica 200c, once a day, for 10 days.

11/20/11:  Gave one dose dry 200c Calc Carb. Told to wait one week, then begin Calc Carb 200c 5x (5 cup dilution method), twice a day, for four weeks.

2/1/12:  He was very changed. He had been to the gym and was looking very strong, healthy, less flabby and weak. He was walking short distances without his cane. His demeanor was very cheerful, and happy. Continued on Calc Carb 200c 5x for another month.

3/5/12:  Patient continues to look happy and remarkably healthy. He has been doing exercises at the gym to improve his strength. Still however there is numbness in the lateral side of the leg and an inability to walk for a long distance without a crutch. He said that the numbness started in the feet and then went up. Prescribed Conium 30c once a day, for 14 days.

4/5/12:  He said the numbness was 65% gone. He is now able to walk up to his mountain village, one hour from his house. This is a steep, rocky, difficult, one hour climb for a fit person.

June 20, 2012:  I continue to treat the patient with Conium 30c 5x. He continues to improve gradually.  There is still numbness in the lateral leg, but it is much less. He is able to walk now with a slight limp, and continues in good health. The metal pins in his hip are scheduled to be removed at the end of 2012.

Jan. 5. 2013:  He is not improving much further, but to date the improvement is substantial due to his renewed ability to walk. Prescribed Calc Carb 30c again as a constitutional remedy, for 2 months, 5 cup method, twice a day. Will see him again in March, when he returns from out of area work.

May 10, 2013:  He is not improving further, but can still walk up to his village high in mountains. Now, he is experiencing shooting pains in the foot and leg. Prescribed Hypericum 30c 5cup method, twice a day.