Dioxin Dragon

A school boy once told me, “Every Tibetan has seen a dragon at least once in their life.” For the Tibetans the proof of the existence of dragons is that we can hear their sound. Whenever there is thunder, like the type that is happening right now outside my window, the dragons are roaring. There is no disputing this.

However, all dragons are not the same. There are good dragons, and then again there are the bad kind. Puff the Magic Dragon was one of the best. Dragons like Puff bring mystery and power to life. They inhabit the deepest regions of our psyches, and rise up to protect us when we need them most.

The bad dragons are equally bad. They also live in the minds of humans, but they do not help us. They instead make us do the most horrible things to ourselves and others. These dragons must be encountered and tamed or else they will destroy us.

One such dragon lives in Bir. We know him as Dioxin Dragon. His many brothers and sister live everywhere in India. They are the most dangerous dragons on earth and they destroy everything around them. They breathe out fire and toxic, poisonous smoke. They pollute the air, choking people and killing innocent children. They have such power that one breath of their smoke can change your genes, and the genes of your family line, forever. Dioxin dragon is even more deadly than Nuclear Dragon, whom we all know is really scary.

Dioxin Dragon  eats only one thing, PLASTIC. He consumes endless amounts of plastic trash and the more he eats the bigger he becomes. After a big meal of plastic his breath is so bad that his poisonous pollution fills the sky. It falls upon the earth and lands upon the crops, making them poison also. He brings death and destruction wherever he goes and his appetite is endless!

Only the Eco Warrior can tame the Dioxin dragon. We at SHRI are Eco Warriors. We are not afraid of Dioxin Dragon.  We have ways to tame him and get him to work for us. We know that if we don’t feed him plastic, his smoky fire will go out  and then he will help us all do good things instead of bad ones.

This is why at Shri we don’t give him plastic to eat. We collect all the plastic and hide it from the Dioxin Dragon.  We know that the Dioxin dragon is only bad because he eats plastic!  When he stops his addiction to eating plastic then he changes into a good  Eco Dragon. He will then help us build good things with the plastic that he used to eat.

At SHRI we take all the soft plastic trash and pack it into plastic bottles. These stuffed plastic bottles then become Eco Bricks. One water bottle can hold 75 potato chip bags.  We can build things like walls, bus stands and benches with these bottles.  After we tame the Dioxin Dragon, and he becomes the Eco Dragon, life will be so much better here. We wont become sick from the poison in the air in and in our food. Life here will be good again.

We need help to collect the plastic before the Dioxin Dragon finds it. Are you an Eco Warrior? Can you come here and help us collect the plastic? If you can’t, then can you help by sending some money so we can pay some friends to collect it? Either way, you can help change the Dioxin Dragon into the Eco Dragon.