On a tropical beach in Kerala, India, is where I met Spero and Robin for the first time, at a small restaurant while watching a magical, local dance performance. The connection between us was so natural that when they told me about what they were doing, I was curious and happy to accept their invitation to be part of that blessed work. A few months later, at the beginning of April, I arrived to the small village in North India where this couple live. I visited the Homeopathic Clinic where they treat the local people for free. I was excited to see this amazing couple give all of their hearts and most of their time for these people’s needs. One Saturday, a small group of volunteers, with a small amount of equipment and full with good intentions, took the local bus to a place where the couple felt people need help. If there is ‘cosmic optimistic’ in India, it is inside this beautiful couple’s hearts. There were so many people who came for help. I saw children, adults and the very old receiving natural medicine, warm smiles, patience and loving attention. The results warmed my heart and sometimes surprised me with their immediacy. The experience of that day opened my heart and entered in love and inspiration. My visa expires soon, so for now I have to say goodbye, but there is no doubt that I will come back to this place where glory, pearl light shines on blindness, dark.