In our small way, we work to improve the practice of homeopathy by providing hands on, clinical experience to our visitors, interns and staff. We strive to balance compassion and intelligence. An open heart and unprejudiced sense perceptions, are the best means for understanding the nature of human illness. With this solid conviction, we believe that clear minded, compassionate case taking is the basis of successful homeopathy. Thus, we engage daily in the continual, meditative learning process that is required to master the subtle nature of this art. We also believe that the future of homeopathy depends upon disciplined use of well tested, classical, analytical techniques, such as the proper use of the various repertories and materia medicas. Homeopathic analysis must also integrate the most current medical and scientific knowledge. With such a practical foundation firmly in place, we embrace the wisdom of intelligently exploring well reasoned, innovative ideas and methods.

Visitor Profiles

SHRI has received more help from family & friends, visitors, colleagues and donors than we could possibly list or represent here. Thank you so much. We simply could not do this without you.

MiriamMiriam Heffer, Israel

A colleague of many years, Miriam was our first ever visitor. She was there when SHRI Free Clinic opened it’s doors, for the first time, in September 2010.
Read Miriam’s blog entry


Roger-&-Gaddi-WomanRoger Sharp, Australia

When we met Roger, and his partner Wendy, they were nearing the end of a year long, world wide, travel adventure. During a short break from their volunteer work in Dharamshala, they joined SHRI’s first Mountain Mobile Clinic, in the Barot Valley, in December 2010.
“Volunteering with Robin & Spero was one of life’s peak experiences; a chance of a lifetime to be in such a remote and exhilarating community in the Himalayas, to be on the coal face of offering support to people who are living life in a deeply connected and sustainable way, to breathe in the humility and wonder of primitive living in it’s purist form. Don’t miss this opportunity!”

Wendy-&-RobinWendy Haynes, Australia

Celebrant, author, yoga instructor
When we met Roger, and his partner Wendy, they were nearing the end of a year long, world wide, travel adventure. During a short break from their volunteer work in Dharamshala, they joined SHRI’s first Mountain Mobile Clinic, in the Barot Valley, in December 2010.
“Working alongside volunteer health practitioners, Spero and Robin, in the Himalayan foothills in a remote village was truly a privilege. The walk in up over the mountain and through the valley was a wonder and not too difficult. Once we arrived and set up we were given clear tasks that allowed us to support them with their work. The local people were so very responsive and grateful for our presence which was very heartwarming and rewarding. Young children gathered around smiling and the men and women were delighted to sit and join us as we worked. Roger and I had been volunteering in the busy town of Dharamsala previously so working out in the fields and mountains was a sheer joy and an experience that will stay with me forever. I hope to go back some day and share in this special work again”.

Inbal David, IsraelInbal-in-India

We met Inbal while traveling in Kerala. She was studying yoga and meditation there. She journeyed north and assisted one Rajasthani Treatment Camp in April 2011. Read Inbal’s blog entry




Pema Wangchen, India

Tibetan Buddhist Monk
Pema, originally from Tibet, studies and lives at the Sakya College in Dehradun. During his summer break, in June 2011, he joined SHRI on a Rajasthani Treatment Camp and a Mountain Mobile Clinic. His effortless kindness made him an immediate favorite of all of our patients.
“I was very happy to join your noble activities, to serve free medical care to both Indian rural people and backwards people in the city. I also got some ideas on ways of helping others, as a common person. Whenever we (monks) travel, we have to talk with the local people and find out if they need our help, according to our own capability. I believe that, as human beings, each and every individual has their own potency to help, each in a different way. Therefore, if all of our human beings were practicing, as you people did, by taking the spirit of universal brother hood, our blue planet would soon become the most peaceful and beautiful planet among all others. So, I wish your wonderful medicine would heal all the disease that people are extremely suffering.”

Gunhare-Clinic-2Jenni Tree, UK

Homeopath, Educator, Editor & Writer
A colleague of many years, Jenni joined SHRI for one month. During that time, she assisted at the clinic daily and joined us on two Mountain Mobile Clinics. Jenni summed up her experience as “superb and humbling”. Read Jenni’s blog entry


Brigid Walsh-Byrne, Ireland

Brigid’s time in India was part of a year long, world wide exploration. She began her time in India, by attending SHRI’s first Himalayan Homeopathy Retreat with Dr. Farokh Master, in October 2012. She then spent three weeks at SHRI Free Clinic and assisted on two Mountain Mobile Clinics. She then traveled south, and spent two months observing in Dr. Farokh Master’s clinic in Mumbai, and three weeks at the Homeopathy University of Jaipur. Read Brigid’s blog entry or the blog article, co-authored by Rajesh Vallabh & Brigid

CherylCheryl Sherry, Canada

Paramedic, Homeoapth, Yoga Instructor
Cheryl attended SHRI’s first Himalayan Homeopathy Retreat with Dr. Farokh Master in October 2012. After the seminar, she assisted at SHRI Free Clinic and on one Mountain Mobile Clinic.
“I wanted to thank you for the wonderful experience I had in your clinic. I saw cases that I could never dream to see in the west, and having the opportunity to work with, and learn from you was invaluable. The trip to the mountain villages was an absolute privilege, witnessing the mountain life and culture, as well as some interesting cases. I look forward to joining you again in the future”.

Bara-Gao-ClinicRajesh Vallabh, Canada

Rajesh attended SHRI’s first Himalayan Homeopathy Retreat with Dr. Farokh Master in October 2012. He also joined SHRI during one Mountain Mobile Clinic. As a Hindi speaking homeopath, Rajesh was a great asset. We only wish he could’ve stayed longer! Read a blog article, co-authored by Rajesh & Brigid Walsh-Byrne.


IMG_1593_face0Barbara Stumbles, New Zealand

Barbara attended SHRI’s second Himalayan Homeopathy Retreat, with Dr. Farokh Master, in September of 2013. It was the first year that the seminar was held in Bir, at SHRI Free Clinic. She joined us for one Mountain Mobile Clinic. Read Barbara’s blog article about her experience giving medicine in the Barot Valley.


DSC_0824Malina Ciumasu Rimbu M.D. PhD, Romania

M.D. Homeopath
Malina is an Occupational Health Physician at an Emergency Military Hospital in Bucharest, Romania. In her work, she uses her knowledge of alopathic medicine for diagnosis but treats with homeopathy and gemmo therapy. As a medical doctor, who also practices homeopathy, she was an incredible addition to our clinic. She joined us for 7 days in November of 2013.

Who can apply?

Experienced Homeopathic Practitioners and Educators, with the ability to work alone in the clinic and instruct others.

Homeopathic Graduates, with some experience, can assist in the clinic, under supervision.

Homeopathic Students or Recent Graduates, with little or no experience, are welcome to observe and learn.

Organic Farmers, Permaculturists, Soil Scientists, Agriculturalists and anyone who wants to breathe in the fresh mountain air, get their hands in the dirt and work hard for a sustainable, healthy future!

Other Dedicated Individuals will be considered on a case by case basis.
~SHRI always needs people fluent in Hindi & English, or Tibetan & English. No prior medical training is necessary.
~SHRI needs someone to manage our organic farm.
~SHRI needs a U.S. anchor person, to provide office & fundraising assistance.

All visiting homeopaths will divide up their time between:
~Observing & assisting at SHRI Free clinic and on mobile clinics
~Facilitating or participating in homeopathic study groups & lectures
~Assisting on our Organic Farm

If you are interested in visiting, please carefully read and fill out the application form below, specifying the amount of time you would like to stay. Upon receipt of your application form, and completion of at least one skype interview, we will provide detailed instructions on how to proceed.

OUR APPLICATION FORM includes complete information about SHRI’s policies and fees.