Being a visiting homeopath at SHRI Free Clinic is an incredible experience. Much of your time will be spent in remote mountain villages, absorbing the beauty of traditional, agrarian cultures, which are rapidly disappearing treasures in our world today. Devoting your time to serving others, especially those who are desperate for help, for no matter how long, will change your heart and mind forever. Observing and working in an experienced homeopath’s busy clinic will provide endless opportunities for learning and development. We live a rare and precious life here, which is greatly enhanced by the wonderful people who come to join us, AND the realities that we face here are sometimes not comfortable or easy. Please take the time to carefully read about, and prepare yourself for, all the various aspects of being here with us.

SHRI’s Policies

Upon receipt of your application form, and completion of at least one skype interview, we will provide detailed instructions on how to plan your travel and visit.

Visiting homeopaths will participate in all aspects of SHRI’s activities. This includes assisting in the clinic and on mobile clinics, facilitating or participating in study groups and lectures, and helping out on our organic farm.

Living in a small village in rural, Northern India can be challenging for foreign men and women alike. Every single thing you do will be observed and discussed. Cultural differences, and assumptions about foreigners, will cause your actions to be interpreted in ways you never intended. If you don’t understand the culture before engaging with it, your actions could invite uncomfortable circumstances. We want you to be safe and to enjoy your time here. Also, as a visitor, you represent SHRI. Thus, we also want your actions to model health, sincerity and skill. We will meet with you early on to discuss some basic guidelines for behavior. It is of utmost importance that you agree to follow these guidelines during your stay in Bir.

SHRI can not take responsibility for your safety during your time in India. SHRI also can not take responsibility for any loss of, or damage to, your personal items.

Illegal drug use will immediately terminate your visiting status. Fees will not be refunded.

As Medical Director, Spero Latchis Dhom reserves the right to have final say in all prescriptions and medical decisions.

Your India Visa

Tourist visas are appropriate for your visit. We will provide detailed instructions on how to proceed with your visa application. Do not apply for your visa without contacting us first.


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