Mountain-Mobile-ClinicIn the past, we used to trek to remote mountain villages to provide homeopathic medicine. The villages we visited were far from any road, where there are no doctors. Each of these mobile clinics brought at least one emergency case which homeopathy was able to effectively and immediately treat. For example, in the Barrot Valley, we literally saved the life of one man with necrotizing fasciitis, whom the hospitals had sent home to die. On another occasion, we saved the life of a young girl who had eaten poisonous berries. Despite these obvious successes, we found that overall the patients did not follow up with their treatment and so the results were quite dubious. As our schedules became more and more demanding, we phased these mobile clinics out. You can read about these past mobile clinics, and see many fantastic photos, by reading our blog.

spero-robin-nunnery-43In 2015, the nuns at Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo’s Dongyu Gatsal Ling Nunnery requested that we come to provide medicine. Since then, we have been traveling to the nunnery twice each month. Having a somewhat captive audience of in-residence nuns, who have been instructed to follow up with the doctor’s treatment plan, has proven quite successful. We see 25-30 nuns each visit, which is a rather demanding schedule considering the methodology of homeopathy, which prescribes based upon an individual’s unique manifestation of disease, rather than categorically upon the disease itself.

spero-robin-nunnery-64IMG_0156We have been extremely pleased with the results we are having at DGL Nunnery. Also, spending the day at the nunnery is truly a delight. Jetsunma, and all of her many helpers, have created an incredibly uplifting and beautiful environment for the nuns to explore themselves within.