IMG_4357Next weekend we are planning another trip up the mountain. Its actually up the “hill”, albeit a large one. I’ve found a breathtaking trail that goes up over 1,000 meters vertical. ITs quiet steep, and passes a spectacular 75 ft waterfall. There is one village about 1/4 of the way up where we have made friends with some of the locals. One sparkling 68 yr old man named Keemaram grows organic sweet peas that are so good, you must eat them right from the garden. He walks up an down the mountain every day, as do his grandchildren. I gave him some calc phos for the pains in his knees. Ravi,his son is a good friend and is graduating with an MA in English soon from the local university. He is trying to decide whether to seek his fortunes in the big city of Delhi or stay in the mountains and live the good life. I suspect he will go to the city, even though his mother warns him of the “bad” city girls.