Spero's-favorite-Original-SizeWhy Donate to SHRI?

SHRI provides medical care to everyone, purely on a donation basis. Patients with little or no money receive the same care as everyone else. Many patients come because they deeply believe in homeopathy and natural cures. Others, come because they have very limited options. Like the man with large kidney stones who lives in constant agony, urinating 12 times a night, squatting with his head against the wall instead of sleeping, because lying down causes him too much pain. This man can not afford to go to the free Government hospital because it is far away and will cost him too much in transportation and lost income. SHRI Free Clinic is his only hope.

SHRI functions on a small budget. Our activities are funded in part through the generous donations of our supporters. The personal savings of the founders have been used to pay for all start up costs, administrative costs, and any expenses that our fundraising efforts did not cover.


DSCN3293SHRI’s Mobile Medical Unit:  Thanks to your generous support, SHRI acquired a mobile medical unit this year. It will enable us to regularly provide medicine to our elderly and monastic patients in the Tibetan Colony who can not travel to our new clinic in the remote village of Gunhare.

SHRI’s NEW Ecobrick Project: In January of 2016, we began working to stop the deadly practice of burning plastic trash in our village. Various poisons are released when plastic burns, dioxins and furans being the most deadly. Dioxins and furans are mutagenic and proven to be more harmful than radioactive waste.

Burning PlasticSHRI’s goal is to create & implement a two year pilot project that will solve the growing plastic waste disposal crisis in our village. We have a three point plan of action that involves public health education, plastic collection and safe ecobrick construction. We only need 4,420usd to fully fund this project for the first year. Your help will have a profound effect on the lives of countless humans, animals, plants and all living beings.

2017 Budget in Indian Rupees

Clinic Expenses

Indian Homeopathic Doctor   144,000

Clinic Administrator   ₹60,000

Rajasthani-Mother-&-ChildRent   ₹24,000

Medicine & Supplies   ₹21,350

Utilities   ₹22,000

Maintenance   ₹15,450

Mobile Clinics   ₹29,000

Marketing (Website / Newsletters…)   ₹20,000

Misc Expenses   ₹12,000
Total Clinic Expenses   ₹347,800 / $5124*


Ecobrick Project Expenses                                                   

Project Manger   96,000

Labor (plastic collection & ecobrick construction)   156,000

Rent (Ecobrick Centers)   12,000

Prizes (Children’s Contest)   11,000

Transportation   12,000                                        Ecobricks2

Office Supplies (posters…)   3,000

Misc Expenses   10,000


Total Ecobrick Project Expenses   ₹300,000 / $4,420*


2017’s Total Projected Expenses ~ ₹647,800 / $9544*

*Note: ₹ = Indian Rupee. $ = approximate USD as of  July 2016.




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Indian Donations

Indian donations must go to our sponsor organization, Nishtha Rural Health, Education and Environment. Nishtha directly funds SHRI’s charitable activities. Please contact us at info@shrifreeclinic.com for details.

All Other Donors

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**All US donations must first go through our 501c3 umbrella organization, Earthville Network. EVN will then send the funds to Nishtha Rural Health, Education and Environment Centre. Nishtha holds the necessary FCRA (Foreign Contributions Regulation Act) status with the Indian government and directly funds SHRI’s charitable activities. All non-US foreign donations will go from SHRI’s US bank account to Nishtha, for the same reasons stated above. Detailed information regarding SHRI’s expenses, past & present, is available upon request.